Too Soon


There is this girl, Katie, who we were all friends with for a few months until she turned out to be psycho and made up lies about all of us and everything we do to keep herself out of trouble. For example, Katie told her mother she was staying the night at my house when she was really staying with boys and posted a picture of her with a bottle of Fireball in a hotel room. She had the audacity to ask my mother to lie to her mother and say that we have shitty hotel carpet in our house. Then Katie proceeds to tell her mother that my mother was the one supplying the alcohol to underage kids. Katie was 17 at this point, by the way. So one of my best friends, Lauren, who introduced us to Katie also has very, VERY crazy parents and when they caught wind of the rumor, confronted me about the pictures. That put me in an extremely uncomfortable position because of course my mother would never do that and it made me so mad that a girl would make up all these rumors about other people just to cover her own ass.

That was just a little back story to where we are today. Katie texted me today and proceeded to tell me about how she is going to move from Florida to either Hawaii or North Carolina with her new boyfriend who is in the army. Katie just turned 18 last week. They are getting a puppy together and moving to a different state. WHAT?!? They have not even been dating for a few months which, in my opinion, is way to soon to pick up your whole life and leave the state and your family. Katie is not only young but is very immature and naive, I actually don’t think she will follow through with the plan because she can’t keep a relationship for as long as it takes for him to come home. I just am baffled with the way all of the girls my age are getting pregnant, engaged, and moving in with random dudes before they even go to college. What has society become?


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