My Spanish Experience Pt. 2


So things went downhill very quickly.

My boss, Voldemort, expects us to know everything he knows (and stuff he doesn’t know) and to do every job perfectly, but he doesn’t want to give us directions. He basically expects us to know what he’s thinking at all times. I’ve never seen anything about international law in my whole life, much less in Spanish. At least the other intern working with me is a lawyer, but even then she doesn’t know what he wants.

Our first large assignment was a distribution agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor of a 3D printing company. He basically gave us several models and said write it from scratch, use these for reference, and make it fit our client (who we know nothing about). Of course we were slightly overwhelmed but we were still new and had a sense of determination. We got through the contract and were very proud of our work, especially me for never having done anything like this before. We present it to him so he can review it and then everything changed. This is the moment we realized we were over our heads. He wanted to change EVERYTHING we had worked so hard on. We had to redo at least half of the 30 pages we had just completed. We also found out the two companies we were writing the contract for are the same company, but of course he didn’t tell us in the beginning. At this point we have more than three pages of corrections to fix on the contract, including removing everything about the one “company”. This is just a basic summary of the battle of the contract that lasted about 6 weeks. Needless to say, being constantly cut down and told you were wrong was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. The whole thing could have been handled better if only my boss had any sense of decency.

Next, he wanted us to work on a 50+ page contract that was in English and Spanish side by side. The Spanish translation was written poorly so he tasked us with fixing it. First of all, I do not speak Spanish well enough to do a complete translation, especially with legal terms. Second, he said we had such a short amount of time that I couldn’t even read the whole thing without translating. Then he yelled at us for not having more done and passed it off to a paid employee who speaks Spanish and English and knows the legal terms. I don’t know what he expected exactly from me considering I had to Google almost every other word in the contract. Of course it would take me a long time. I just wish he put a little more thought into our assignments and was more considerate and respectful.

Keep in mind this is DOWNPLAYING it and not including all the details. I know I should be thankful for the experience but it was unreal.


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