My Spanish Experience Pt. 2


So things went downhill very quickly.

My boss, Voldemort, expects us to know everything he knows (and stuff he doesn’t know) and to do every job perfectly, but he doesn’t want to give us directions. He basically expects us to know what he’s thinking at all times. I’ve never seen anything about international law in my whole life, much less in Spanish. At least the other intern working with me is a lawyer, but even then she doesn’t know what he wants.

Our first large assignment was a distribution agreement between the manufacturer and the distributor of a 3D printing company. He basically gave us several models and said write it from scratch, use these for reference, and make it fit our client (who we know nothing about). Of course we were slightly overwhelmed but we were still new and had a sense of determination. We got through the contract and were very proud of our work, especially me for never having done anything like this before. We present it to him so he can review it and then everything changed. This is the moment we realized we were over our heads. He wanted to change EVERYTHING we had worked so hard on. We had to redo at least half of the 30 pages we had just completed. We also found out the two companies we were writing the contract for are the same company, but of course he didn’t tell us in the beginning. At this point we have more than three pages of corrections to fix on the contract, including removing everything about the one “company”. This is just a basic summary of the battle of the contract that lasted about 6 weeks. Needless to say, being constantly cut down and told you were wrong was one of the most frustrating experiences of my life. The whole thing could have been handled better if only my boss had any sense of decency.

Next, he wanted us to work on a 50+ page contract that was in English and Spanish side by side. The Spanish translation was written poorly so he tasked us with fixing it. First of all, I do not speak Spanish well enough to do a complete translation, especially with legal terms. Second, he said we had such a short amount of time that I couldn’t even read the whole thing without translating. Then he yelled at us for not having more done and passed it off to a paid employee who speaks Spanish and English and knows the legal terms. I don’t know what he expected exactly from me considering I had to Google almost every other word in the contract. Of course it would take me a long time. I just wish he put a little more thought into our assignments and was more considerate and respectful.

Keep in mind this is DOWNPLAYING it and not including all the details. I know I should be thankful for the experience but it was unreal.


My Spanish Experience Pt. 1

I’m so frustrated at this job. This is not what I signed up for, literally.

When I applied to do an internship abroad, I never thought I would actually make it in. As the process progressed further and further it started to become real. They told me from the start that it would be difficult to place me in a law firm as I have not yet attended law school, but due to my previous criminal law internships they could try.

Then came my first interview. I was very nervous and due to the time difference (+6 hours in Madrid) and my busy schedule, we had to do a Skype interview in my potential boss’ home. It was a bit uncomfortable as there were dogs barking in the background and he didn’t seem to have many questions for me. He didn’t speak English very well so I felt a bit awkward not knowing enough Spanish to accommodate him. In the end I was wary of choosing this position but after asking many questions and receiving reassurances I eventually accepted.

Upon arrival in Madrid, all of the Madrid program interns attended a welcoming orientation. At the end of it, the supervisor pulled me aside. She had a very serious look  on her face so I thought I was going to get in trouble for having my mom stay with me for a night. She proceeds to tell me that the job I had interviewed for and paid for was no longer available and for the moment I was with out a job. Mind you, I was supposed to start in roughly 14 hours from then. I was shocked and distraught, not knowing what I would be doing for my three months here. She promised to find me something by the end of the week and she did, the next day. I did not interview, I had no knowledge of the company, nothing, but I was expected to start the next day. I went into this experience completely blind and free of judgments. That didn’t last very long….


The Chase Has Ended

Well I never sent that message to Chase.

I was hoping to run into him at an event on Tuesday so I figured I would wait until after that. I got busy and Thursday rolls around and all of a sudden he is in Amsterdam. I soon realize he has met up with his old roommate, a female, who lives in the UK. It looks like it was just the two of them so it hit me: he was been secretly in love with her this whole time.

She left right before he finally agreed to hang out with me so he must not have wanted me around when she was. Now I know it is a bit presumptuous to assume they were in love just because they met up in another country… But the Snapchat stories he was posting the following day sealed the deal.

I won’t share them hear to preserve his privacy (I know, how kind of me) but they posted at least 5 couple photos and videos within the span of three hours, knowing I am seeing them.

Final remarks: I am glad I never reached out to him that last time. I’m not that hurt by it anymore, I just wish he was a man about it. He could have told me he was still interested in her or that he was trying things out with other people too so that he didn’t lead me on for a month and a half. I will never understand dating in the modern age.

Hello… It’s Me…

I really have commitment issues if you haven’t noticed. I can’t even maintain a blog for more than a month!

Anyway, I’m back for the time being; again to rant my feelings. I am currently (and almost finished) interning in Madrid, Spain at a law firm. Let’s just say its been an experience… More on that later I’m sure. But for now, as usual, let’s talk about boys.

Well, just one; his name is Chase. I met Chase in Madrid at the beginning of my second month here as he arrived a month after me. We are both in the same program, therefore we have a lot of common connections. I enjoyed his conversation and thought he was cute so we continued texting. I asked him several times to meet up but he always would back out. My friends thought maybe he was too shy or a virgin and didn’t know how to handle the situation (nothing against virgins). In short, we talked for about a month before he finally committed to meeting up.

It was completely unplanned, he just asked me to go to lunch. Thank God I wore mascara that day. So we met up for lunch and, despite the initial awkwardness, I think things went well. He even asked to hang out again Wednesday!

Wednesday rolls around and I inform him that our group was hosting a bowling event and that I would like to attend. Since we had planned to hang out, it was an invitation. He replies, “Hmm… let me sleep on that one,” and proceeds to take a nap. I don’t hear from him for a couple of hours so I was not counting on him attending. As I am arriving, my friend who was already there messages me and says Chase was there. Great.

Things got off to a rocky start as the bowling alley was closed. Luckily, there was a rollerskating rink next door so we decided to go there. At this point, it was just me, Chase, my male friend, and the events coordinator. Everyone was down for it but Chase and I were the only people who have skated before. I thought this would be the perfect chance to get some alone time while having fun. I thought wrong.

He was so hot and cold all night. First, he helps me with my skate (again, thank God I shaved), then he goes off and gets food by himself! Then, I make a joke and he takes it literally and gets offended… Then I skate over to him and he skates away, then he sits with me… It goes on and on and on. Finally, after we finished skating we wanted to get dinner but he opted out.

Its been almost a week and I haven’t heard from him. I don’t know what changed over the course of the day we didn’t hang out. At this point I know I should move on but I have put so much time and energy into trying to make things work with him. There is another event tomorrow night so I am hoping to run into him then, but if not I think I want to message him and say, “Do you want to hang out?” He can’t make excuses if I don’t specify the time or date. This will be my last attempt. Thoughts?


P.S. Thanks for anyone who has continued following me in my absence 🙂



So last night/this morning was probably the most dramatic time of my life. My parents were out of town last night so I was going to have a guy stay over (see post “Are You Serious?”). I ended up having my friend Matt come over, which turned out to be a bad idea because he has tourettes and his constant twitching and noises made it impossible to sleep. At around 1:30 AM I get texts, calls, and snapchats from David (see posts “They Always Come Back” and “Nailed It”) asking if he could come over. Keep in mind, I invited David to stay over first but he said he couldn’t. I didn’t see the messages until about 3 AM so I didn’t expect him to reply but he did.  I told him I had someone else over, which I had every right to after he admittedly fucked me over, and he freaked out.  He was acting like I cheated on him and he drove in a rage 45 minutes to the city where I live in the middle of the night. Thank God he didn’t know my address and didn’t show up at my house. So around 8 AM I wake up to a bunch more texts saying he needs to come see me and that I should have kicked Matt out and blah blah blah. Finally I agreed to talk to him and he waited outside my house for Matt and I to come out. Once Matt got to his car he said, “Bro you’re in my spot.” Matt didn’t say anything, thank goodness, and then David insulted Matt’s haircut. I’m mortified at this point and can’t believe this is happening. Finally Matt drove off and David starts drilling me with questions about why and what I did with him. The part that bothers me the most is that day he texted me and told me how he still loved his ex so he couldn’t get involved with me. We had agreed to be friends not even 12 hours prior to his late night calls. Finally I got him to stop being mad at me but I am so confused as to where we stand. One minute he loves his ex and needs time, the next he’s crazy about me and needs to see me on the spot. Why is this so confusing?

Are You Serious?


I met a new guy named Josh who is literally perfect. He’s 6’3″ and a firefighter and just plain hot. We have been texting for a few days and turns out he’s a virgin. I honestly have no idea how this is even possible so of course I invited him to stay the night tomorrow night. We have been talking all day and then all of a sudden he sent me crying emojis. When I went to reply, my message wouldn’t send. Turns out he blocked me. What the actual fuck? We have plans to hang out tomorrow night and everything and you just block me?? I’m 100% serious guys when I say honesty is the most important thing when getting involved with someone. He could have just told me what he was thinking instead of completely alienating me. What a little fuck.

They Always Come Back

201506_2312_ebhae_smSo everyone remember the guy I was referring to in my “Nailed It” post? Well this little shit texted me today after I posted a bikini pic on Instagram and decided he wanted to be friends with benefits and that the sex was “fucking amazing”. The whole reason we are not together is because you’re still deciding on whether or not to go back to the chick that cheated on you! Soon after this conversation, I found his profile on tinder where he claims, “I’m not looking to hook up, I want a relationship with a classy girl.” YEAH OKAY. I told him I was definitely not doing the friends with benefits thing, or anything at all for that matter, and that I am not going to do anything with him until he gets his shit with his ex figured out. We move to the same college in 9 days. I don’t understand how he doesn’t think A) that his ex will cheat again while he is gone or B) he will cheat on her while he’s gone. Its not going to work out, nor should it if she could so easily go behind his back.