My Spanish Experience Pt. 1

I’m so frustrated at this job. This is not what I signed up for, literally.

When I applied to do an internship abroad, I never thought I would actually make it in. As the process progressed further and further it started to become real. They told me from the start that it would be difficult to place me in a law firm as I have not yet attended law school, but due to my previous criminal law internships they could try.

Then came my first interview. I was very nervous and due to the time difference (+6 hours in Madrid) and my busy schedule, we had to do a Skype interview in my potential boss’ home. It was a bit uncomfortable as there were dogs barking in the background and he didn’t seem to have many questions for me. He didn’t speak English very well so I felt a bit awkward not knowing enough Spanish to accommodate him. In the end I was wary of choosing this position but after asking many questions and receiving reassurances I eventually accepted.

Upon arrival in Madrid, all of the Madrid program interns attended a welcoming orientation. At the end of it, the supervisor pulled me aside. She had a very serious look  on her face so I thought I was going to get in trouble for having my mom stay with me for a night. She proceeds to tell me that the job I had interviewed for and paid for was no longer available and for the moment I was with out a job. Mind you, I was supposed to start in roughly 14 hours from then. I was shocked and distraught, not knowing what I would be doing for my three months here. She promised to find me something by the end of the week and she did, the next day. I did not interview, I had no knowledge of the company, nothing, but I was expected to start the next day. I went into this experience completely blind and free of judgments. That didn’t last very long….



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