So I just had my mind blown.

One of my friends on Snapchat posted a video of the Teletubbies and I haven’t seen footage from that show since the 90s when I was a kid. I noticed today, something that was apparently known to my roommate, that the Teletubbies are different races!!

Anyone can clearly see the faces of the Teletubbies are different shades (along with their colorful suits). I Googled this theory and here are some of the results:

“Dipsy’s face was slightly darker than the faces of the other Teletubbies. When the show was broadcast in the US, the makers told American audiences that Dipsy was intended to be black and Po was Chinese, like the actors who played them (John Simmit and Pui Fan Lee). (New York Times)”


“Oh man. Po is “the small red one” that speaks Cantonese?! And Dipsy is the one who loves to dance? Echos of George Lucas…” “At least the Cantonese one isn’t the yellow one.” “what, being red from a ‘communist’ country isn’t bad enough? Although yellow would’ve been hilarious!” (Reddit thread)

My point to all this is that as a child, I (and many people of the Teletubbies’ audience) did not see race. It took me 20 years to realize one of my favorite shows (I even had the underwear) demonstrated racial diversity. It brings it all back to the fact that hate is not born, it’s taught. No one is born thinking they are superior or inferior based on their skin tone. As a kid, we inherently see everybody as the same. It isn’t until we grow up and learn the social constructs that we see skin color. I have always learned this in school, being a psychology major, but now to see it happen in real life is mind blowing. It makes my heart feel full to feel the innocence of not seeing race. It’s an amazing thing and I hope somebody else gets to feel that from this post.

Love trumps hate.


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