The Chase Has Ended

Well I never sent that message to Chase.

I was hoping to run into him at an event on Tuesday so I figured I would wait until after that. I got busy and Thursday rolls around and all of a sudden he is in Amsterdam. I soon realize he has met up with his old roommate, a female, who lives in the UK. It looks like it was just the two of them so it hit me: he was been secretly in love with her this whole time.

She left right before he finally agreed to hang out with me so he must not have wanted me around when she was. Now I know it is a bit presumptuous to assume they were in love just because they met up in another country… But the Snapchat stories he was posting the following day sealed the deal.

I won’t share them hear to preserve his privacy (I know, how kind of me) but they posted at least 5 couple photos and videos within the span of three hours, knowing I am seeing them.

Final remarks: I am glad I never reached out to him that last time. I’m not that hurt by it anymore, I just wish he was a man about it. He could have told me he was still interested in her or that he was trying things out with other people too so that he didn’t lead me on for a month and a half. I will never understand dating in the modern age.




I don’t feel it is “slutty” or “trashy” to take a cute picture of yourself in your new underwear if you’re feeling good about yourself. If you disagree, stop reading this. I think if you feel confident enough in your body to show it off to your significant other, then do it. Today I bought a new bra and underwear combo at Victoria’s Secret and I thought they looked good so I send a quick selfie to a guy I’m interested in. Instead of complimenting me, he asks for more pictures from different angles and different poses and whatever. It might just be me who thinks this is slightly offensive because he can’t appreciate or like the picture I had sent because I felt good about myself, not to be sexual. I’m way more willing to send you pictures if you make me feel confident, not by making me twist in awkward positions so you can get off.

Are You Serious?


I met a new guy named Josh who is literally perfect. He’s 6’3″ and a firefighter and just plain hot. We have been texting for a few days and turns out he’s a virgin. I honestly have no idea how this is even possible so of course I invited him to stay the night tomorrow night. We have been talking all day and then all of a sudden he sent me crying emojis. When I went to reply, my message wouldn’t send. Turns out he blocked me. What the actual fuck? We have plans to hang out tomorrow night and everything and you just block me?? I’m 100% serious guys when I say honesty is the most important thing when getting involved with someone. He could have just told me what he was thinking instead of completely alienating me. What a little fuck.

They Always Come Back

201506_2312_ebhae_smSo everyone remember the guy I was referring to in my “Nailed It” post? Well this little shit texted me today after I posted a bikini pic on Instagram and decided he wanted to be friends with benefits and that the sex was “fucking amazing”. The whole reason we are not together is because you’re still deciding on whether or not to go back to the chick that cheated on you! Soon after this conversation, I found his profile on tinder where he claims, “I’m not looking to hook up, I want a relationship with a classy girl.” YEAH OKAY. I told him I was definitely not doing the friends with benefits thing, or anything at all for that matter,¬†and that I am not going to do anything¬†with him until he gets his shit with his ex figured out. We move to the same college in 9 days. I don’t understand how he doesn’t think A) that his ex will cheat again while he is gone or B) he will cheat on her while he’s gone. Its not going to work out, nor should it if she could so easily go behind his back.

Nailed It.


I think I finally found the best one-liner to send a girl after you hook-up: “are u gona be pregnant”? Word for word the text I just received. Is this real life? How old are we? Even if I miraculously got pregnant, it’s not your problem considering I’m not yours. This text I received follows the excuse that his ex (who cheated on him) is begging for him to take her back, right after I leave his house.  I get it dude, you’re not interested. Please stop sugar coating this stuff guys. It hurts a lot less if you’re honest about your intentions from the start.
A female with feelings.