Hello… It’s Me…

I really have commitment issues if you haven’t noticed. I can’t even maintain a blog for more than a month!

Anyway, I’m back for the time being; again to rant my feelings. I am currently (and almost finished) interning in Madrid, Spain at a law firm. Let’s just say its been an experience… More on that later I’m sure. But for now, as usual, let’s talk about boys.

Well, just one; his name is Chase. I met Chase in Madrid at the beginning of my second month here as he arrived a month after me. We are both in the same program, therefore we have a lot of common connections. I enjoyed his conversation and thought he was cute so we continued texting. I asked him several times to meet up but he always would back out. My friends thought maybe he was too shy or a virgin and didn’t know how to handle the situation (nothing against virgins). In short, we talked for about a month before he finally committed to meeting up.

It was completely unplanned, he just asked me to go to lunch. Thank God I wore mascara that day. So we met up for lunch and, despite the initial awkwardness, I think things went well. He even asked to hang out again Wednesday!

Wednesday rolls around and I inform him that our group was hosting a bowling event and that I would like to attend. Since we had planned to hang out, it was an invitation. He replies, “Hmm… let me sleep on that one,” and proceeds to take a nap. I don’t hear from him for a couple of hours so I was not counting on him attending. As I am arriving, my friend who was already there messages me and says Chase was there. Great.

Things got off to a rocky start as the bowling alley was closed. Luckily, there was a rollerskating rink next door so we decided to go there. At this point, it was just me, Chase, my male friend, and the events coordinator. Everyone was down for it but Chase and I were the only people who have skated before. I thought this would be the perfect chance to get some alone time while having fun. I thought wrong.

He was so hot and cold all night. First, he helps me with my skate (again, thank God I shaved), then he goes off and gets food by himself! Then, I make a joke and he takes it literally and gets offended… Then I skate over to him and he skates away, then he sits with me… It goes on and on and on. Finally, after we finished skating we wanted to get dinner but he opted out.

Its been almost a week and I haven’t heard from him. I don’t know what changed over the course of the day we didn’t hang out. At this point I know I should move on but I have put so much time and energy into trying to make things work with him. There is another event tomorrow night so I am hoping to run into him then, but if not I think I want to message him and say, “Do you want to hang out?” He can’t make excuses if I don’t specify the time or date. This will be my last attempt. Thoughts?


P.S. Thanks for anyone who has continued following me in my absence 🙂


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