The D. U. F. F.


I’m so confused, how am I the D. U. F. F.? Oh and for those of you who don’t know, D. U. F. F. Stands for designated ugly fat friend. Last night, along with most weekends, I went out with my friend Lauren. Lauren is pretty and confident, she also has huge boobs and a big butt. She basically is a guy’s dream. Whenever we go out, she always gets hit on and dances with the guys that I have been looking at all night and it really it a hit to the ego. I don’t have huge boobs like her but we we wear the same size and when I’m dancing I really try to be as confident as possible. Everyone says it’s because she acts like she doesn’t care and is easy (even though she’s not) but I don’t understand why I can’t even get one attractive guy to talk to me. Everyone tells me I’m pretty but I am finding it harder to believe every time the guys talk about how attractive my friends are. One day I’ll find the guy for me.


3 thoughts on “The D. U. F. F.

  1. hgrttn says:

    I assume you’ve watched that kind of awful film with an even worse message. No ones the duff and that includes you. It may be hard to stop comparisons between you and others, especially your friends but that’s what you’ve got to do. Also, don’t get worried about what guys think, if they can’t look past your mates boobs then they probably aren’t the love that you’re looking for any way.

    The DUFF is a disgusting concept and probably made by men anyway, don’t take it personally they usually just don’t know what to do when a girl acts on her own accord without trying to impress them!


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