Revitalizing Myself

Well it has certainly been awhile. I looked back and my first (and only) post about two boys I was seeing and wow.. What a time that was. I ended up dating Taylor for a year and a half (a year too long) and ended it messily in February. I am not even going to delve into that horror show.

Today I received an email from a dating advice website I frequent that suggested journaling my feelings and looking back to find the source of my problem: why I cannot find a boyfriend. So I thought to myself, “What better way to journal than blogging?” That brings me to the reason for my posting; my feelings. First we can start with my most recent feeling, why did he open my Snapchat and not reply? If I contact you asking to make plans sometime this week, I don’t think it is too much to ask for you to respond, even if you say no. At least if you had said no, I WOULDN’T BE BLOGGING MY FEELINGS.


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