For All My Ladies

Alright I am about to say something that I hope is on every girl’s mind as much as it is on mine: Why are men just assholes? Okay okay, sorry guys, not all of you or even most of you are jerks but I just seem to have a keen sense for finding the jerkiest of them all. I have been with approximately 10, at the minimum, total and complete assholes in the past few months. And yes that is a lot of guys to date in a few months but none of them made it passed the second date, and it wasn’t by my decision. I do not and cannot fathom how guys can be so stupid as to drop of the face of the earth and to leave a girl wondering rather than just manning up and saying they are not interested. Trust me guys, it hurts a lot less in the long run if you are honest and she probably won’t creep on your ass for months hoping that you will return her calls. Just sayin’.


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