Here goes nothin’…

Well here I am.

I’ve reached a conflict in my life and I don’t know what else to do but write it out in hopes of solving it. I’m not going to bother going too far into the past because that would just distract me from the dire issue at hand. The funny thing is, the issue is not dire at all, just something to occupy my lonely social life. I guess I should start explaining..

So he was my best friend, Rikki’s, friend. His name is Taylor. He is cute, with spikey, light-brown hair and pretty green eyes, kind of like mine. He is 6’2″ which is one of his best features. Taylor’s skinny, but its mostly just his legs so he isn’t too skinny like boys in the past have been. He is a brown belt in Okinawa karate, which is the belt right before black. This happens to be the same type of karate my dad practices so there is Taylor’s way in. Now he does MMA fighting which I must say is pretty damn attractive. Anyway, I met him on Flagler Avenue (which is like Main Street where everyone hangs out) one weekend and we hung out with Rikki and his best friend, Jason, which was really fun. The next day we all went to the beach and I tried my best to flirt with him but he wasn’t reciprocating. Later that night he was texting Rikki and I both and Rikki asked him if he liked me and he said “you are both cool friends”. That’s not promising at all. I assumed he was into ‘Rick’ as I call her. I later approached him about it and we got into a somewhat deep conversation about how he wants to stay single until he finds “the girl”. I can respect that. However, it puts a damper in my situation and doesn’t give me any insight. Since then we have been talking everyday and have hung out several times. Just lately he has been more forward and flirty and I think he is beginning to like me. Now that’s great and all until October 13th when my 3 closest friends and I went to Halloween Horror Nights 23…

And that’s when I met Jordan. Now I’ve had a rough history with all Jordans in the past and I was not getting my hopes up with this one. We pretty much hit it off right away and in the last haunted house he held my hand and was so sweet to me. I got his number and texted him all week. I basically fell “in-like” with him. He is so beautiful, I didn’t know what to do with myself. He is also one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever talked to and it really sucked that he lives 2 hours away. But that didn’t stop me. After Rikki ditched me, I drove the 2 long hours alone to see him almost a week after we met. It was great, he’s tall, has freckles, green eyes, and blonde hair; like me. We honestly could be brother and sister. We went and saw a movie and nothing happened, like no putting his arm around me or kissing, so I started to doubt his attraction toward me. Not long after we left the theatre, he asked if he could kiss me. I naturally complied and it was wonderful. I’ve already made more progress, technically, with him than Taylor and I thought I was sold. We had a great time and I couldn’t have asked for a better guy to spend my day with. However we haven’t really talked much since (granted it’s been 2 days) and it has got me down. What if he isn’t looking for anything more than friends with benefits? He didn’t even hint at being my boyfriend, but I guess that’s me expecting too much as usual.

So in conclusion, I’m stuck. I know it’s kind of too soon to be so concerned with who I will pick but the suspense is killing me. If anyone has seen the movie, “This Is War”, Jordan is my Tuck and Taylor is my FDR. And I’m worried that my decision will be the same as Lauren’s. I guess I will keep waiting it out, it’s too soon for any major decisions. Thanks for listening.


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